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One of most comprehensive Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in the UK

At Elanic we are fortunate that due to the experience and skill of our surgical team and our investment in leading edge technology we can offer day case surgical solutions for many of the mainstream surgical procedures. This allows the patient to return to normal activities within days of surgery, thus adding the healing and recovery process and reducing the chances of infection.

Using the Navigation panel on the Left Hand side you will be able to select the main procedure types that we offer and then within the appropriate section you will find more information the individual specific procedures.

Also in order to fulfil our goal of complete transparency on treatment costs, you can navigate to the Prices tab at the top of this page. We don’t do prices from, we price up our most common procedures to a specific value and if you need a combination or a multiple procedure that is not on our list please contact us and we will be able to advise of a price for your specific treatment.

Our Consultation, Outpatient and Day Case service are delivered from:
152 Harley Street

After care is key for all patients even if it only for re-assurance when issues arise after a surgical procedure. Elanic offers a 24 hour emergency service for patient where they can call and speak to a clinician and if required be seen at the clinic or readmitted to one of our partner facilities.