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The number of women with large or heavy breasts is increasing in the UK. These women experience a number of problems including back and neck pain, skin irritation due to tight and uncomfortable bras. Typically this impacts their lifestyle with difficulty finding properly fitting clothes, engaging in physical activity, and being self-conscious about their appearance.

As with every procedure, it is important to select the correct surgeon with specific skills in breast reduction and someone who routinely carries out the procedure as this is one of the more complex cosmetic procedures. Mr. Sivarajan carries out these procedures routinely on a monthly basis, delivering a very high rate of patient satisfaction and a minimal level of complication.

For many women undertaking breast reduction surgery, their new appearance is the source of greatly improved self-esteem which can be life-changing. With the improving affordability of these procedures and access to finance services to help fund patient surgery, breast augmentation is more accessible to more women than ever before.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that effectively reduces the size and weight of the breasts, lifts the breast and nipple to the proper position, and tightens the skin. The result is much lighter, youthful, and shapely breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is performed as an inpatient under general anaesthetic and will require a 1 or 2-night stay in the hospital. The procedure normally takes two to three hours and some of the risks including possible loss of sensation, healing difficulty, and scarring.

Normal practice is that the incisions most commonly go around the areola, down the breast, and along the crease, new techniques attempt to keep scars to a minimum.

At your consultation, your surgeon will talk you through the procedure and how this would be carried out in your own specific circumstances.