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As we age the breasts tend to droop or sag, especially after pregnancy, significant weight loss, and generally due to the aging process. The most effective method of correcting droopy or sagging breasts is through a breast uplift or Mastopexy.

This procedure reshapes the breast mound, raises the nipple, and tightens the skin to give a more youthful, firm appearance.

As with all breast surgery procedures, it is important to select the correct surgeon with specific skills in breast uplift and someone who routinely carries out the procedure. Mr. Sivarajan carries out these procedures, both straightforward Mastopexy and Augmentation Mastopexy, on a weekly basis, delivering a very high rate of patient satisfaction and a minimal level of complication.

For many women undertaking mastopexy surgery, their new appearance is the source of greatly improved self-esteem which can be life-changing. With the improving affordability of these procedures and access to finance services to help fund patient surgery, breast uplift surgery is more accessible to more women than ever before.

Like breast augmentation surgery, Mastopexy and Augmentation Mastopexy also lends itself very well to the advanced day-case model as the surgical incisions are relatively small depending on the extent of surgery required, any post-op bruising or swelling will be concealed by clothing, general movement after surgery is not significantly restricted and post-op pain is normally easy to control and short-lived.  This results in a procedure that has a relatively short recovery period with most women able to resume the majority of their normal activities within a week or two.

As mentioned in many cases, using a breast implant, to perform breast augmentation, in conjunction with a breast uplift in a combined “augmentation mastopexy” procedure, will deliver the optimum result. Using this technique, your surgeon is better able to give you the size and shape that you desire and make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your breasts.

Candidates for the breast uplift include women who have:

  • Saggy or Droopy Breasts
  • Nipples that Point Downward
  • Breast Asymmetry




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