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About Eyelid Surgery

The aging process can take its toll on how we look, particularly to the area around the eyes where skin can become loose, wrinkled, and saggy. This sometimes gives a person the appearance of looking constantly tired.

Eyelid surgery helps to restore youthfulness to the face through surgery to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from above the eye and also removing the hood of skin which can develop as we get older. There is also a procedure to remove excess fatty tissue and skin from underneath the eyes. This smooths and tightens the wrinkled skin at the corners of the eyes, often known as crow’s feet.

Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Surgery – benefits

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Removal of the ‘tired look’ from around the eyes
  • Contributes to a more youthful face
  • May improve vision in some cases such as heavily hooded eyes

The Procedure

Eyelid surgery, sometimes known as “blepharoplasty”, is a procedure that usually takes between one and one and a half hours to and in most cases is carried out as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic and sedation. The length of time your procedure will depend on the extent of the surgery which can be the upper lids, lower lids, or both together.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

In most cases, upper eyelid surgery only requires the use of a local anaesthetic and sedation which allows a much quicker recovery. Your surgeon will begin by making small incisions along the natural crease of the upper eyelid and then detach the skin from the underlying tissue before removing any fatty tissue and tightening the muscles in the area as required. Before closing the incision the skin will be tightened to ensure that the end result gives a smooth, taught finish.

Lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery or a combination of upper and lower eyelid surgery is also normally done under local anaesthetic and sedation. However, some patients prefer to be asleep during the procedure and in these cases, the procedure will be done under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will make an incision along the lower lash line before removing any excess fat which is responsible for the phenomena commonly known as eye bags. Thereafter the skin will be tightened to ensure a smooth finish. Any excess skin will be removed and the incision will be closed leaving you with smoother, firmer-looking skin underneath the eyes.

What next?

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