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Body Contouring is a general term that covers the removal of excess fat and/or skin from the body to achieve a more natural or cosmetically desirable shape. Most body contouring is elective cosmetic surgery, however, after a massive weight loss of greater than 100 lbs. (45 kg), body-contouring surgery may be performed for reasons of personal health and hygiene. Body contouring includes a number of different procedures but typically excludes facial plastic surgery and breast reconstruction.

Procedures within this category are normally performed in combination and may be done as a single procedure or as a multiple. These individual procedures include:

After consultation with your surgeon, you will be able to agree on what procedures are required and how these would be scheduled to deliver the best result for you.

In the case of Significant Weight Loss, normally after bariatric surgery. A procedure is known as a “Belt Lipectomy” is may be recommended in order to remove excess skin from the waist. Especially in older patients, once weight loss has been achieved, the skin around the waist develops extra folds like a deflated balloon. This procedure addresses this problem around the entire circumference of the waist, removing the excess skin and lifting and tightening the muscles to produce a flatter abdomen, a better-defined waist, elevated buttocks, and tighter thighs, thus giving the individual a more conventional body shape.