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Smart Triplex Laser Liposuction, London

SmartLipo Triplex uses a small powerful laser in combination with a small cannula (tube) to rupture fat cells through the top layers of the patient’s skin. The laser liquefies the fat deposits and the oily substance is then removed by suction through small incisions. This prevents the fat from cooling down and seeping back into the cells. Most patients experience immediate results with continued improvement over the next few months.

During the procedure, the laser also coagulates blood vessels, which leads to minimal swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Another important facet of this procedure is that new collagen is produced, resulting in tissue tightening.

SmartLipo is performed under local anaesthetic sometimes with IV sedation and takes about 45 minutes to one hour for each body area. The three laser wavelengths contained in Smartlipo TriPlex allow us the flexibility to customise treatments based on the nature of your concerns and the specific area you will have treated.

The best candidates for this procedure are women or men who are not significantly overweight but have accumulated stubborn fat deposits — such as love handles, flabby underarms, excess neck or facial fat, or fat on the lower torso. The procedure is ideal for individuals who already lead a healthy lifestyle, but are having difficulty eliminating excess fat through exercise and diet. Patient who typically gets the best result is those who are circa 20-25 pounds overweight.