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Traditional Liposuction Harley Street, London

Traditional liposuction combined with a modified tumescent technique is still a very effective form of liposuction. Despite some of the “newer” techniques promising better results, in the hands of our skilled surgeons and with the aid of power-assisted suction attachments, traditional lipo is still one of the most effective methods for the bulk removal of fat.

The key to obtaining a great result is to engage an experienced surgeon who has a proven track record in liposuction. Equally as important is that the surgeon gives a realistic evaluation of how well your skin will shrink after liposuction. If you don’t have good elasticity, you won’t get a great result no matter what technique is used and it is important that this is discussed with your surgeon as it may require a multiple / combination procedure.

Our surgeons are some of the most experienced liposuction practitioners in the UK who have had more than 15 years of experience in liposuction.