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Scar Revision: Unfortunately once a scar has formed it cannot be removed however most scars fade with time leaving a fine, pale line that is hard to see. However, some scars can be unsightly and may cause pain, irritation and depending on where it is it may cause embarrassment.

In many cases our consultants can improve on the scar you have, leaving it finer, smoother more delicate that will be less visible. Scars that have an uneven surface can be improved using fat injections or laser resurfacing and laser treatment can be used to treat highly pigmented scars. There are also several other options such as specialist creams and treatments that may be used and the consultant will be able to advise which treatment would be the best suit your needs.

Laser Resurfacing: For many people, acne scarring is a disfiguring condition that causes psychological upset and significantly impacts their lifestyle. Using a high-powered and very accurate laser that makes thousands of microscopic holes in the skin and heats the deep skin layers, encourages your body to produce new collagen in the area being treated which results in superficial skin resurfacing giving a tighter, smoother surface.

One Stitch Facelift: Using fine threads under the skin, you can lift the skin of the face, neck, and eyebrows. The procedure requires only local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour to complete – and the results can be very impressive

With the 1 stitch facelift, you can expect to quickly see a discreet lifting effect, followed by ongoing skin regeneration because the procedure stimulates the natural production of collagen in the months that follow for progressive and natural results.

In some cases, the combination of a 1 stitch facelift with facial laser resurfacing achieves the best result. This combination smoothes fine lines and wrinkles also reducing the effects of sun damage, as well as lifting the features in the lower face area.

Skin Lesions: “Skin lesions” is the collective name for a group of skin blemishes such as moles, warts, skin tags, etc. Many of these are perfectly harmless, however, some may be unsightly, disfiguring, worrisome or irritating. Some skin lesions are more sinister and may be cancerous and these need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible

At Elanic we offer a “See and Treat” one-stop clinic for skin lesions where you will be seen by a consultant; the options for removal discussed with you; then if you are happy to go proceed the treatment can be carried out straight away in most cases. In the case of suspicion, these will be removed surgically and a specimen known as a “biopsy” must be sent to a pathologist for investigation. Based on the results of the pathology your consultant will determine which type of treatment will be required.